Invisible Jetcast – June 2012

We’re back!

Yes after a long hiatus we have returned. First we discuss where we have been, it’s been a while, so we own you an explanation.

We also discuss a change in show, don’t worry, we’ll still be Invisible Jet Cast. But we have a change, we will now be “Invisible Jet Cast: And other comics.”

We then jump into the books, discussing issues 4-9 of Wonder Woman, and then get into the first issue of Ame-Comi by Palmiotti and Gray, art by Amanda Conner.

Then we get into “other comics” including a long discussion on Peter David’s “Atlantis Chronicles” and some more of Peter David’s Aquaman run.

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See ya next mo.

Invisible Jetcast – December 2011

This month on Invisible Jet Cast. We go over Wonder Woman 2 and 3. We then get into a discussion about Wonder Woman’s new origin, how we feel and the response. Then we discuss Allan Heinberg’s Wonder Woman run with art by Terry Dodson. Then a letter.

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Invisible Jetcast September / October 2011

We’re back and so is Wonder Woman. We wrap up the JMS’ run of the books with Wonder Woman 614, then we jump into the new Wonder Woman #1 by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang. Then do a wrap up of “Wonder Woman: Flash Point.” Before jumping into the homework which is Matt Wagner’s “Trinity.” Then questions. Be sure to follow the show on twitter at Invisiblejetpod at and email the show at Contact@Invisiblejetcast or And stay tuned till the end to hear a special announcement from our friend Dave Accampo


Invisible Jetcast – July 2011

On this new episode of Invisible Jetcast. We are joined by Amber Love to discuss Wonder Woman 612 and 613. We talk about the “Wonder Woman 70’s retrospective” and finally “Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies.” Before getting into the homework of Paradise Lost, two Justice League cartoons. Listen and enjoy!

Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and The Furies

Invisible Jetcast – Episode 11

On this months’ IJC, we are Jon-less (until the end). We go over the news of Wonder Woman not being picked up for TV. The rumor within the DC reboot of Wonder Woman and Superman possibly becoming an item. Brian Azzarello taking over Wonder Woman.

We then jump into our review of Wonder Woman #611.

We take some questions and then jump into our homework of “Wonder Woman: Hiketeia by Greg Rucka and J.G. Jones.”

Then Cameron and Jon discuss all the above stuff one on one to get Jon’s take on all of it.

Invisible Jet Cast Episode 9

On this episode of Invisible Jet Cast, we talk about Frozen Pork, Curling, and then Wonder Woman. We discuss the costume reveal for the new show, discuss Wonder Woman 608 and 609. Take a question or two and get into the Wonder Woman Homework of “Amazon’s Attack”. It’s a good one. Enjoy!

cover to wonder woman 609